Make ba is a brand of natural cos m et ics committed to humanitary It offers a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of women . All products are made up of only natural ingredients and are specially formulated to take care of your skin . With Make ba , you benefit from inecological and natural care , while supporting a humanitarian organization that takes care of Malian orphans .  By choosing Make ba , you are choosing a healthy product , respectful of the skin and which contributes to a noble cause . 

Makeba..! was this queen of great beauty, from West Africa straight out of the legends told by my grandmother. She was so beautiful, she liked to take care of herself, she traveled the world to find the most noble ingredients to perfect her toilet. Her beauty rituals were naturally rich and precious. Hair care, body care no longer held any secrets for her.
Admired for her knowledge, she is truly an inspiration to me.
Much more than a brand of cosmetics, these are ideals that we defend. At Makeba we believe that all women are beautiful. Regardless of their skin color, weight, size or other… Aren't the diktats of beauty there to be broken?
 We should all be proud of who we are, because beauty is universal! Today, this sentence resounds in my head every day: much more than quality products, they are products of self love.
Don't just be consumers, become consumer-actors Some of our raw materials come from African women's cooperatives, each purchase made, a percentage will be donated to the women of the cooperative as well as to the Moutougoula orphanage in Mali. Recipes developed by us and made in the laboratory, Our products are natural and certified.
Our products are suitable for all skin and hair types. Wherever you are in the world you are entitled to natural beauty with MAKEBACOSMETICS.
Your self-care is our priority.